Why did we decide to discontinue the Jet (Lustre) Cases?

by Arpit Joshi on June 01, 2018

We launched the Lustre cases, essentially the Jet Black and Jet White a while back, and you guys loved the cases. We did too.

But, there’s a “but.” The cases got scratched too easily. The Jet cases have a high gloss finish, which makes the scratch magnet. Even the Jet Black iPhone attracts a lot of those. It was challenging to add an extra layer of coating to make sure the case does not scratch up easily, and we did add a coating which prevents scratches in our subsequent batches.

The little difference that we made was not enough; we had to do more. And until we do, we decided to discontinue the Jet cases.

But don’t worry, we haven’t given up yet. We are still working on something that can solve the problem of the case getting scratched up too easily. And when we do, it will not only bring back the Jet Black and the Jet White cases, and it will also add more life to the Classic finish cases. We hope you would be happy when the worked out Lustre cases be back, stay tuned.

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by Ram on October 20, 2018

Why have you discontinued cases for One Plus 5 models


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