Why do you not need an iPhone case? Why you should buy from CaseDodo!

25 Nov , 2016

According to Gottabemobile, there are five reasons you do not need an iPhone case.


  1. Cases add bulk and weight. (Sure they do)
  2. Cases aren’t accessory friendly. (Might be the issue with most of the cases out there)
  3. Cases Hide the Beauty of iPhone Design. (They do, iPhone is an elegant and a beautiful device)
  4. Cases Don’t Offer 100% Protection. (They might not cover all the sides)
  5. Cases Can Be Expensive. (If you really want a quality iPhone case that actually does its job well, you’ll be looking to pay at least $30-50)


And guess what, they were right. Until now.


How about a case which weighs just 2 grams; is as thin as 0.35 mm and completely accessory friendly; fits so perfectly over the iPhone that it not only protects the beauty of iPhone but enhances it; covers all four sides of the iPhone and is super affordable.

We have something for you. Ultra-Thin cases for iPhone. Have a look for yourself.


No more ugly and clunky cases, your iPhone, as beautiful as it should be.


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