Clear Crystal Hybrid case for iPhone 7 Plus

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Apple Logo Visibility

Clear AF. Our most transparent case ever. All out visibility. Flaunt the Apple logo without even trying.


applicable on all crystal hybrid cases. know more

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    Crystal Hybrid Case with Advance Impact CushionTM

  • Clear Crystal case - for extreme transparency
  • Reinforced Shock-Absorbing Bumpers - Advance Impact CushionTM Technology
  • Engineered to Protect - Raised lip to protect the screen & all-glass back
  • Precise AF Fit - Flawless & Errorless construction for effortless usage
  • Wireless (Charging) Ready - Completely compatible with the wireless charging capabilities of iPhone 8, 8 Plus & the latest iPhone X

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Introducing the Crystal Hybrid case

A new Crystal Hybrid case designed for ultimate protection, durability & functionality. The Crystal Hybrid case is engineered for making sure your iPhone remains unbreakable.



Wireless ready

Shock absorber

Crystal Hybrid Case, a clear vision of ultimate defense and innovative design. The case is a hybrid of the Advance Impact CushionTM Technology and the Crystal Clarity that lasts. The case embodies with the shock - absorbing bumpers on the edges and a rugged yet sleek back for added protection.

Clarity that lasts

The see-through case, always remains as clear and transparent as it is. The Crystal layer on the case upgrades the beauty of your iPhone, makes it shine brightly. The rigid back ensures the durability of the case to last long with added Nanocept coat which never allows the case turning yellow.

Reinforced Shock-Absorbents

Each corner of the case comes with the reinforced shock-absorbent bezels that guard your phone in every way. These raised bezels provide the ultimate protection by absorbing even the heavy impacts protecting your phone from damages, The case is designed in a way that your phone, if falls on a flat surface, lands on the adsorbents first from any angle making sure your phone remains unbreakable.

Engineered to Protect

The case comes with a raised lip that covers every edge of your screen making the screen resting beneath the case to eliminate scratches from any drop or if kept upside down on the table. The camera lens of your phone gets under the sheath of protection of the raised bezels.

Precise AF fit

The case wraps around your phone perfectly giving it the flawless fit, taking power button, the volume rockers under it to protect them and still make them easily accessible. The profile toggle and speaker grill have the accurate, errorless cut-outs for uninterrupted usage.

Wireless (Charging) Ready

Avoid the rush of taking your case off every time you need to charge. The faultless design of the case & compatibility with the wireless charging gives you the convenience of charging your phone* from Wireless Chargers effortlessly.

*The phone should be compatible with wireless charging. The case does not add the wireless charging functionality.

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