Dark Tan - Leather case for iPhone X

₹ 995.00

These cases are made with bicast (synthetic) leather, we don’t support animal abuse in any way.

All good things need care. Follow care guide.

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    Leather case with Eazy Pocket

  • Prime Leather exterior, fine microfiber interior.
  • Eazy Pocket - to hold 2 or 3 of your important cards, IDs & light cash.
  • Perfect cutouts for unrestricted usage to all ports.
  • Raised lip to protect the screen when kept face down.
  • Handcrafted - with utmost attention to details.

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Made for

iPhone X

In our modern day, fast pacing lives, there's one thing we never leave behind, our phones. Our phones are our best friends and we can do more with them, now than ever. They have even let us replace our wallets by making all payment digital. But sometimes, we have to go old school, these leather cases let you keep doing more with your phone. Use them as extra storage for cash and cards, literally replacing your wallets. It's something that fits perfectly with your fast-paced life.

High - Performance Look

The interior of the case is fabricated of fine microfiber, giving soft, smooth finish providing a safe lining to protect your iPhone while the exterior is postured of bicast leather hosting studded and tactile texture to have the splendid grip. It makes the case look beautiful, without adding unnecessary bulk. The slim and sleek finish maintains the stunning design of the iPhone intact.

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Snug Fit assisting Protection

Once your iPhone gets equipped with the case it makes your phone stand out, it attaches neatly still leaving the phone not bulky. The fitting of the case provides enormous protection to the phone. Just slide up the phone from the bottom part till up and it gets attached giving a snug fit from edge to edge.

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It’s Functional

Apart from the ultimate quality being offered, the essence of the case is it has two slit pockets making it distinctive. The slits are specially designed & cleanly stitched for credit cards and extra storage for your light cash plus the slits are slantly stitched to get your essentials out in no time. You might never have to carry your heavy wallets again, we’ve got everything wrapped into one single thing.

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Prime Bicast Leather • Absolute Wallet Companion • Slit to slip (Eazy Pocket)

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The cutouts

The cutouts are carved well leaving the top and bottom open to access any accessory without any trouble along with the cut outs for the profile toggle for satisfying clicks, camera & flash, speaker grills and lightning charging port.

Ease is not just stopped till eliminating the use of wallets but also to make the case operative. Use the control buttons effortlessly.

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The cases are handcrafted with very little use of machinery. The prime Leather case is inventive without much use of technology. The fine fabric, the precise stitching, and the stunning look is all a result of utmost attention to detail. The edges are hot pressed to make sure they are not vulnerable to wearing as much.

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Reinforced Protection

These cases come with reinforced molded edges from top and bottom, the surface is a bit raised to provide the maximum level of protection to the phone & increases the durability of the cases. The extended lip on the edges of the screen side makes sure your phone is protected when kept face down.

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