Grey Edition - iPhone X ultra thin case

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Apple Logo Visibility

Okayish see-through. More than just subtle. With clear visible logo, flaunt your iPhone.

All good things need care. Follow care guide.

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Original and the best Ultra Thin phone case.

  • Impossibly Thin, Unimaginably Light, Extraordinary Fit. At just 0.35 mm and 2 grams.
  • The Details, The Precision, That's the Difference.
  • More Colors, More Smoothness, Reinforced Camera Lens.
  • A Phone Case for Those Who Hate Cases. One of thinnest in the world.
  • Expected Life - 3 to 6 months. (Use the case with care by following the care guide to make the case last longer, way longer than even a thicker and bulkier case)

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The ultra-thincase

Measuring at just 0.35mm, the ultra-thin iPhone X case is crafted to enhance the original and the classic design & feel of your iPhone. The matte texture helps reducing fingerprints, grease or slime buildup and resists scratches against hard surfaces.

Clean design & functional iPhone essential. A minimal iPhone X case with inch perfect cutouts, zero branding and detailed precision. Camera Lens Protection and no-nonsense design.

The Design.

Designed with a translucent black hue, that rhymes the perfect harmony of Transparency and the Black. It’s the blend of the best. The Grey Edition case disrupts the idea of mix and match. The case looks as beautiful on the Space Grey as on the Silver. Works with every iPhone color, flawlessly.

The details, the precision.

The Ultra thin case is made with utmost precision for uninterrupted access to all ports and buttons at all times, without any hindrance. It comes with a reinforced camera lens protection. The case is so thin, it never becomes a barrier between your phone and the wireless charger.

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