With machined aluminium buttons.

All new leather cases for iPhone.

Mars - iPhone X
Mars - iPhone X
iPhone X Leather case
iPhone X Leather case

iPhone X Leather case

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    All new leather cases
  • Premium bi-cast leather with the soft texture that feels great in hand.
  • Color matched microfiber lining that protects the back of your iPhone.
  • Comes with machined aluminum buttons that match the finish of the leather case.
  • Open bottom design to dock third-party accessory easily.
  • Wireless Ready. Keep the case on even when you are charging wirelessly.
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Premium leather cases for iPhone

Redesigned leather cases for better performance. The premium bi-cast leather with soft textured exterior that snug fits around the edges of your iPhone and color-matched microfiber interior that cushions the back of your iPhone. The leather develops a beautiful patina over time giving the case an artistic vintage look.

Color matching machined aluminium buttons.

Color matching microfiber lining on the inside.

Textured for grip

The leather cases by Casedodo are made with synthetic leather, textured for enhanced grip and an extraordinary feel. It develops a natural patina over time.
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Microfiber lining

The leather cases have a microfiber lining that helps protect the phone from accumulated dust and protects the stainless steel (or the aluminium) chassis of the iPhone.
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Machined Aluminium Buttons

Our all new leather cases now have the machined aluminum buttons for excellent tactile feedback. The aluminum buttons match the finish of the leather case making the leather case beautiful than ever.
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Raised Lip & Open Bottom Design

The all new leather cases come with a raised lip over the edges that protects your iPhone's screen even when it’s face down. The case functions with an open bottom design to easily plug in cables & third-party accessories.

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