Now with 2x liquid rubber coating.

All new silicone cases for iPhone.

Cosmos Blue - iPhone XR Silicone case
Pure White - iPhone XR Silicone case
Rose Red - iPhone XR Silicone case
Pink Sand - iPhone XR Silicone case
Midnight Blue - iPhone XR Silicone case
Dark Olive - iPhone XR Silicone case
Pure Black - iPhone XR Silicone case
Red - iPhone XR Silicone case
Lemonade - iPhone XR Silicone case
Denim Blue - iPhone XR Silicone case

iPhone XR Silicone case

₹ 1,195.00
  • iPhone XS

  • iPhone XS Max

  • iPhone XR

  • iPhone X

  • iPhone 8

  • iPhone 8 Plus

  • iPhone 7

  • iPhone 7 Plus

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All new Liquid Silicone cases
  • Coated with 2x Liquid Isoprene (natural rubber) for extra smoothness.
  • Lined with microfiber to cushion the back of your iPhone.
  • Protruding buttons for excellent tactile feedback.
  • Raised Lip, to protect the screen when kept face down.
  • Open bottom design to dock third-party accessory easily.
  • Wireless Ready. Keep the case on even when you are charging wirelessly.
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Extra smooth

All new Silicone cases are coated with 2x isoprene (natural rubber) for the super-smooth finish. The cases are lined with matched microfiber lining and have a raised lip to protect the screen when face down.

Beautiful colors

Compliment your iPhone with ten beautiful and smooth shades. A case that looks great, feels great.

Super-Smooth Finish

Compliment your iPhone with extra-smoothness. The all-new silicone cases, now coated with 2x Liquid isoprene (natural rubber) which give the case super smooth finish. Silk-soft finish that looks great, feels great.
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Microfiber lining

The inside of silicone cases is lined with matching microfiber. Microfiber provides a cushioned protection to the back of your iPhone and keeps it scratch free.
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Protruding buttons for more tactile feedback

The silicone cases have protruding matching buttons that give satisfied clicks and excellent tactile feedback.

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Raised Lip for extra protection

The silicone cases come with raised lips over the edges to make sure your screen is protected even with phone laying flat face down.
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