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Hybrid Case for iPhone.

Clear - iPhone Xs Hybrid case
Hybrid case for iPhone Xs - Clear
Grey - iPhone Xs Hybrid case
Hybrid case for iPhone Xs - Grey
iPhone XS Hybrid case
Hybrid case for iPhone Xs - Rose
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iPhone XS Hybrid case

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Hybrid Case
  • Beautiful Design. Robust Performance. The hybrid case keeps the ideal design of your iPhone clean.
  • Shock resistant corners. Glass Back. Silicone edges.
  • Three Finishes, Clear, Grey & Rose to mix and match.
  • Wireless Ready. Charge your iPhone wirelessly with the case on.
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Hybrid cases

Hybrid Case. A crystal clear case with beautiful design and robust performance. The case is crafted from the hybrid of glass at back and silicone on the edges that help to snap the case on and off easily. The air bumps on all four edges of the case absorb shock. The Hybrid cases are robust, functional and wireless ready.

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Raised lip Protection

Edge Protection

Beautiful Design. Robust Performance. Three Tones.

Shockproof edges, hustlers, your phone now protected from the impact of the drop shocks. Crafted from the hybrid of glass on the back and silicone on the edges, Hybrid cases are one of the toughest cases; made for the ones who are always on the go.

Day 1 VS Day 100

The edges of the Hybrid cases tend to get yellow with time. This is a natural process. The back of the case remains crystal clear for a long, long time.

Day one Hybrid case Day 100 Hybrid case

Robust, functional & wireless ready Robust, functional & wireless ready