Scarlet Red - Liquid Silicone case for iPhone X

₹ 1,099.00

The ideally designed Liquid Silicone cases has a silky soft finish on the outside & micro fibre on the inside.

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    Liquid Silicone Case

  • Liquid Silicone exterior, fine microfiber interior.
  • Reinforced Drop Protection.
  • Perfectly covers the Volume & Power Buttons for added protection.
  • Raised lip to protect the screen when kept face down.
  • Open Bottom Design - for unrestricted use of third party accessories.

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Strength & Grip

Every part of your iPhone will be at the same place as it was, even if it’s dropped from an height. The cases absorbs shocks and makes sure your phone is protected at all times. It’s effectively strong. The Liquid Silicone case is made for grip. It has a rubbery texture which adds extra grip to the case to make it less likely for the phone to slip out of your hands or pocket.

Silicone case Strebght grip Casedodo

It protects

Silicone Cases completely cover your iPhone from three sides, leaving the bottom open for any third party accessories or docks. The volume and lock buttons are covered for extra protection. The lip on the front of the case is raised to protect your screen if kept upside down, or if ever if falls face down.

Silicone case with Red Chilli Protects Casedodo

Don’t go on weight

These cases are tough, but not bulky. These cases are tough without bulk. The Liquid Silicone weighs less than regular Silicone, plastic, and of course metal. It give tough protection without adding as much bulk.

Scuba Blue Silicone case Weight Casedodo

Looks great, feel great, for long

Slim, Sleek, Minimal scratch free cases that protect your phone from drops and falls, even the heavy ones with the quality that lasts long. An average silicone case last for 3 months, while these Liquid Silicone cases can last upto 9-12 months. These cases have pretty much long life , so your iPhone have a strong stand apparel on it.

Midnight Blue Silicone case looks great Casedodo
Banner Image for Silicone case Casedodo

Fits Amazingly

Snap on the case once on your iPhone and it will be attached as if it’s designed just for it. It covers the top curves completely and has a cut out for the profile toggle button, speaker grill and the charging port. The case snugs around the volume button and sleep / wake button and still leaving them to be operated effortlessly.

Silicone case with looks Chocolate Casedodo

Wireless Charging

It is designed with the technology that it doesn’t become an obstacle between your phone and your wireless charger. iPhone can easily be charged even with the case on. With the extra grip the case offers, the phone wouldn’t move around on the wireless charging plate.

Silicone case Wireless Charging Casedodo

Extraordinary Material

The high quality material used in making of these Liquid Silicone cases makes them eco-friendly & non-toxic. Unlike regular silicone cases, they do not turn yellow or fade colors.

Silicone case with Dark Chocolate extraordinary Casedodo

The Shades

Colors are the smile of nature and we theft that beautiful smile and offered eight different glamorize shades for your every mood.

Silicone case with Lemon Casedodo