The Darhk Box - Pack of 3 cases

The three shades of colorful dark - Chilli Pepper, Midnight Blue & Classic Black.

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Original and the best Ultra Thin phone case.

  • Impossibly Thin, Unimaginably Light, Extraordinary Fit. At just 0.35 mm and 2 grams.
  • The Details, The Precision, That's the Difference.
  • More Colors, More Smoothness, Reinforced Camera Lens.
  • A Phone Case for Those Who Hate Cases. One of thinnest in the world.
  • Expected Life - 3 to 6 months. (Use the case with care by following the care guide to make the case last longer, way longer than even a thicker and bulkier case)

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Impossibly Thin, Unimaginably Light, Extraordinary Fit.

The Three Shades of Colorful Dark

The Minimal
The Minimal
The Minimal

Ultra - Thin cases

CaseDodo cases are one of the thinnest cases in the world, crafted beautifully to maintain the magnificent look of the iPhone. The secret to its extremely thin and lightweight capability is that it is made of high-grade polypropylene. These cases have a frost finish to compliment the gloss finish of your iPhone that helps with better grip and fingerprint-resistance. These cases measure only 0.35 mm in thickness and weigh just 3 grams! These cases are specially designed to enhance the look and the feel of the phone, without adding any bulk to it.

Frosted Transparent and Classic Black Casedodo

The Detail, The Precision

The details, the precision, that makes all the difference. Each cut out of iPhone is carved giving detailed attention. It's pinpoint and precise. The cutouts are precisely designed to have satisfied clicks and to use third-party docks. Dodo cases have extraordinary fit, it wraps around your phone and attaches amazingly also saving it from light drops and scratches.

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"The iPhone case that truly makes sense."

More Colors, More Smoothness

The Dodo case comes with so many color choices, go choosy add your preference but you will never be out of options. They are brushed plastic, which makes the surface super-smooth. Narrate your new story with enriching smooth colors on your iPhone canvas.

The Minimal

"A Phone case for those who hate cases."

Minimalism - The Essence

The essence of the ultra-thin iPhone case is minimalism. Minimalists adore simplicity. The ultra-thin iPhone case is truly minimal with it’s no branding, native layout. Completely branding free, a barely there case designed for all time classy iPhone.

The Minimal

Reinforced Camera Lens Protection

Dodo cases have Reinforced Camera Lens Protection that protects the protruding camera lenses. It’s a perfectly formed subtle lip that wraps around the edges of the camera which allows you to keep your on the table and slide in and out of your pocket without worrying to scratch the protruding camera lens of the iPhone.

Dual Camera Lenses Casedodo