• Why did we decide to discontinue the Jet (Lustre) Cases?

    01 Jun , 2018

    We launched the Lustre cases, essentially the Jet Black and Jet White a while back, and you guys loved the cases. We did too. But, there’s a “but.” The cases got scratched too easily. The Jet cases have a high gloss finish, which makes the scratch magnet. Even the Jet Black iPhone attracts a lot of those. It was challenging to add an extra layer of coating to make sure...


  • Here is what's happening at the beginning of 2017.

    07 Jan , 2017

    Here is what's happening at the beginning of 2017.1. New packaging: This is cool. So we added a tray, a jacket, an application guide, a care guide, and a strong wall to protect the case from damage during transit.2. New freebies: Write Good, Work Good, Do Good. The all new pencils are on the way, baby! With added strength and gorgeous looks, the pencils are minimal and possibly one of...


  • Why should you ditch every other case for a CaseDodo?

    18 Dec , 2016

    Short story - There was a guy who started using iPhone and couldn't use any other phone, ever again.Why did that happen huh? Maybe because it worked. iPhone worked.iPhone is designed beautiful, inside and outside. CaseDodo products take care of the outside. We make cases which protects while preserving the beauty of the device. Every inch of the device is carefully designed and crafted to perfection. And that is why...


  • Thin

    17 Dec , 2016

    Lifestyle products are not the ones that are overpriced; they are the ones that work! Think of a Tee; it’s simple to wear, to wash, and to take care of. If it wears out, buy a new one – maybe the same color or a different one. Dead simple. That’s how CaseDodo products work. Cases designed to blend with your iPhone perfectly and make it look gorgeous. They do what...


  • Why do you not need an iPhone case? Why you should buy from CaseDodo!

    25 Nov , 2016
    How about a case which weighs just 2 grams; is as thin as 0.35 mm and completely accessory friendly; fits so perfectly over the iPhone that it not only protects the beauty of iPhone but enhances it; covers all four sides of the iPhone and is super affordable.